Hungarian Light Tank Toldi II

Hungarian light tank Toldi was based on the Landswerk 60 tank made in Sweden. It had good movement abilites, highly sloped armour and very good optical instruments for observation and fire guidance. Hungarians installed 20mm gun and 8mm AA machinegun. Engines of 155hp were assumed to be transferred from Germany. Also optical instruments came from there after the long delays. Tank was named 38M Toldi, for Toldi is the national hero of Hungaria, who lived during XIV century.
Due to the lack of experience and delays with the arrival of instruments from Germany the work was going slow. First 90 vehicles went to the army only in the May of 1940.
Tanks Toldi did not show themselves from the best point of view. Engines and other parts were going to broke after the 100km of run. Disregarding its deficiency, the other 100 Toldi tanks were ordered to be made in 1941. This vehicles, sometimes called Toldi II had increased front and turret armour by the 20mm plates. Its mass was increased from 8 ton to 9.3 ton and speed decreased from 50km/h to 47km/h. Tanks Toldi fought during 1941-1942 on Soviet fronts and suffered heavy losses. The remains of them were in 1943 reequipped with the 40mm gun. Toldi could serve as a good reconnaissance tank, because of its not bad speed and operational range.